Friday, July 26, 2013

Instant Embellished Onesies For Summer

Summer with a baby under 6 months is tricky because they're too little for sunscreen. After a bit of research, I decided on long sleeve white onsesies with UV babylegs and a sunhat to keep babe covered and cool. The only problem is that white onesies are bo-ring!

So, I did what any crafty mama would do and dove into my fabric stash! I cut darling little scraps out of my favorite fabrics and zig zag stiched them on. I didn't want them to look the same, all sewn in the center of the chest, so one has a tiny fox on the 'breast pocket' and another has a coordinating embellishment on the back as well.

So far, they've been awesome for keeping Asher cool and safe. Plus, it's a great scrap-stash buster.

I wish I was able to get better photos, but we are constantly using them!

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