Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do It Yourself Toadstool Pencils!

My toadstool pencils started selling so fast that I had to raise the price in order to keep whatever sanity I have left. Which got me thinking....this is so simple, why not make a kit? Saves you money, and me time!

I'm a DIY kind of girl and I love passing on what I learn by trial and error. Sometimes figuring a project out is a very frustrating process and I think that's why I love selling my various DIY kits so much. I love making creativity simple!

Plus, this way, you can make a simple and unique gift and say "I made it myself!"


  1. very cute ideas, I may use this for my next project for my students.. very lovely... more power!

  2. I think I've seen these somewhere before???

  3. Yup, you're right! I originally saw the pencils on a blog but the linked Etsy shop with the kits was closed.

    I still wanted to make some so I struggled with supplies, techniques and took a little creative license. I changed things up a little by using various pencil crayons (mini, recycled etc) rather than pencils. People started asking if they could buy them and I started listing!


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