Monday, November 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Craft Sale Recap!

Drumroll anyone???
The winner of the mini wooden matching game is:


I don't have your info, so please contact me this week to claim your prize!

I feel like I'm finally back to normal life. This weekend was busy at the Edgemont Craft Sale and a last minute table at the AP Village Craft and Bake sale. Both were great successes! I had a ton of friends and some family stop by, and I was so overwhelmed with all the love. Awww...sappy moment :)

I learned a lot about what people like most and what sells fast. I also learned that I hate making some things in big quantities! I am considering a booth at Mommylicious, Naturally, and the Lilac Festival...big fees and big attendance! It's a tough leap to take!

A few tips on the table:

I got these awesome boxes at Jysk for $50 or so. They helped me to create levels which is so important with small items!

Tablecloths can be crazy expensive ($70 at Home Outfitters!!) but I found some great deals on nice ones at Homesense and Superstore.

My easel was only $20 at Ikea (well...Daniel's easel) and was great for posting my specials. I also found those great frames which I used as signs for .99 cents! Woot!

Since I sell kid's stuff, I had a couple of wooden toys on a small carpet. That way, kids were happy and mom could take her time looking!

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