Friday, September 24, 2010

Wishful Gardener

I have been mourning the loss of my rhubarb plant at the end of this terrible growing season.'s not dead, but it didn't produce anything either! I am still waiting until the soil is dry-ish to harvest my tiny carrot crop *sigh*.

But....I have been inspired! I stumbled along Cubit's, a lovely Etsy shop, just full of the most gorgeous seeds.  As soon as I live in a home with real sun and a real garden, I am going to place a big order! This coming Spring I will definitely try one new thing as well. She even has Purple Dragon Carrots! What kid could resist those???? This makes me think it's time to conquer my shady garden and almost black thumb.

I was drooling over her Rainbow Chard when I saw white squash, purple tomatillos, chocolate peppers and watermelon radishes. And most everything is organic.

I am thinking of putting a few seeds in my own stocking and thought someone else might want to do the same!

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