Friday, September 17, 2010

New Look for the Blog!

Now that I have a logo, I am working on my branding. Of course....this means a new look for Tutorial Adventures!

I finally figured out how to put text onto my banner.
First: Copy your banner and paste it in powerpoint.
Next: Add a text box and type in your text.
Then: Hold command while clicking on the textbox and image. Right click. Choose: Grouping>Group
Lastly: Right click: Save as Picture>jpg


I also have a new Flikr Account and Facebook Page. I still can't bring myself to open a Twitter account...

I received a few new stamps in the mail today, and am looking forward to making a new matching game. That's one thing I can do with a bum shoulder. Happily, it's starting to heal, so I'm hoping next week I will be able to whip up a few black and orange gnome sets. Etsy loves black and orange in the Fall!

One more mention...I got my gift this week from my Crafty Goodness Swap Partner. She didn't send any info, so I all can do is shout into cyberspace and hope she hears...

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