Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tutorial: Craft Table Slipcover

I just created an art station in the office for Daniel. Now, when Michael is doing school work, or I am sewing, he can be near us and out of trouble. A quick trip to Ikea, and less than $40 and we have an art nook for him! I bought him a Lack side table as his desk because it matches what we already have for  fraction of the cost ($10 vs. $40) of a "kids" table. I added a little throw rug so our carpet doesn't get covered in glue and paint and a Mammut stool. He already has a little easel, and when M has a moment I'm hoping he'll put together the desk lamp I bought. 

I was,  however, worried about the table getting trashed. It wasn't expensive, and I did buy it knowing it was a craft table, but I hate to ruin anything! So, I decided to make a slipcover/tablecloth for it. I knew that it would not stay on unless I sewed it slipcover style, and this is what I came up with. Keep in mind I did this in under 30 min, and it's not perfect. But, hey, how much time do you want to spend on something that is going to get constantly terrorized?

1) First, I measured the table, and added a few inches to each side for the overhang. My table measured about 22" inches square and I cut my fabric at 30" square. You could go longer, but make sure to leave room for little knees! I laid the fabric over the table to check the size.

2) Then, I folded the corners in, wrapping paper style and pinned them in place. I pinned just like it was a boxed gift, leaving two edges smooth, with no folds and two with folds pointing in to eachother.

3) Next I trimmed the overhang so it was pretty even all around. Obviously I am not the best at measuring and cutting fabric!

4) Time to head to the sewing machine. I didn't bother pinning, because I wasn't worried about it being perfect. If your slipcover is going on not-a-craft-table, pin it!  I hemmed all the way around lining up the edge of my fabric with the foot and folding under as I went. Try not to catch any folds that shouldn't be there as you sew the corners.
If you want a more finished look, you can do a double turned hem, ironing and pinning to make sure it comes out just right.

5) I wanted Daniel's desk to really be his own, so I asked him to look through my fabric stash with me and choose one he liked. He's got good taste, and chose Michael Miller's Retro Rockets. I cut out a little scene that I liked, and a background fabric to stitch it onto. I folded under the edge of the rocket fabric and pinned the first side onto the black fabric. Then I started sewing, and just folded as I went. Again, if you want it to be really sharp, iron, double turn, pin.

5) Next, I pinned the background fabric onto the slipcover and folded and pinned one edge, started sewing and continued folding as I went. I trimmed my poorly done corners (that's what you get for not pinning) when I was finished.

And, voila! No mama bear growling at cub to keep the crayons on the paper. Ahh...peace in the sewing room!

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  1. Haha! This is a great tutorial. I'm not crafty-and even I think I could do this!!

    You rock!


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