Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Curtains for our New Kura Loft Bed

Daniel's room is very tiny and so we just just got a new Kura reversible/loft bed to try and open up some play space. I immediately knew that I wanted to make the space underneath into a fun little hideout. Curtains seemed like the right idea to soften and cozy up the space, while adding something interesting to look at. I sewed panels of fabric, in random widths, together for a patchwork look and pinned the 2 panels up with upholstery tacks/finishing nails. If you wanted to totally tent off the bottom, you could add a tension rod and an extra curtain across the front as well.

I was a little dark under the bed, so I bought 2 Larga Spotlights from Ikea and clamped them onto the bedposts at either end of the bed. They open just enough to fit on and they were only $4 each. It really brightened up the space, and once I'm finished the rest of his room, it will become a reading nook.

And for one last little custom touch, I added an old laundry bag to the end of the bed with a couple over-the-door hooks. It's full of our way-too-big collection of stuffed animals. One day, I might make a bag that co-ordinates with the curtain, but an already made bag was just too tempting to resist!

Hopefully you'll see more of this small space update soon. I have some great ideas!


  1. Love this idea--as a new step-mom to a 5 y/o boy, I am desperately searching for ideas for him. We are in such a tiny 1 br apt, that when he is with us, he sleeps in the living room, but on a loft bunk from IKEA over our couch. Do you have any ideas for making his loft bunk space more "him"? We want to put curtains up, but dont' know really WHAT or even HOW to make it more personal for him.

  2. I made some forward facing bookshelves for my little guy and they may work really well for your step son's loft. Then he can display pictures, books or whatever is special to him. The tutorial is here:
    OR you can buy picture ledges from Ikea.

    Apartment therapy has lots of great small space ideas as well!


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