Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby Gift: Twin I-Spy Mini Quilts

 Look what I made for some darling twin boys! Mini I-Spy quilts, perfect wiping drool right now and for tummy time, strollers and car seats later. It could even be used as a tic-tac-toe mat when they're older!

I love I-Spy quilts for kids. So much too look at! When I was little I had a scrap quilt from my great grandmother that I still remember. I used to spend hours looking at it, and I remember my favorite part was a snoopy scrap. Hopefully these little ones will have fond memories of their little quilts too.

And a couple of little wooden teething rings to match! Not how I usually make them, but they sure are cute!


  1. love, love, love them! we will cherish them forever! your store should be called, "They Won't Regift This" ;oP

    [gift recipient, for your readers' benefit]

  2. So glad you love them! My favorite thing to make in the whole world is gifts for babies I love!


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