Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY Craft Room/Office Makeover Revealed!

Finally, I'm done. Well...mostly. I still need to reorganize my closet, but it's good enough for now!

My desk. Notice the pipe-cleaner decor by Daniel.

I'm ever-so-pleased with how the red/turquoise/blue color scheme turned out. It's subtle since it's mostly in the accessories, but gives the space a little creative 'pop'.

I love the kid-friendly crafting space. With the junk pile we had going on before, I was always shooing Daniel out or stressed because of the mess, but now he is a crafting-machine! I love, love, love the small lack shelves at his height. Anything I want him to be able to reach himself goes there and he can just help himself.

The best part for me is definitely the shelves above my sewing table. They look nice, store a ton of fabric and other bits and pieces and keep things close by, but out of the way!

My beloved Lack shelving holding my fabric stash!

A plastic tray holds all my sewing notions

Storage is everywhere! I have so much storage now, some of it is even empty! I have plastic drawer units and hanging shelves in the closet, boxes and buckets, and shelving everywhere. How dreamy!

Pretty much everything is from Ikea which kept cost down and the look consistent, which I think makes a small space look bigger. Hooray for an efficient, pretty space to create in!


  1. I Love looking at other people's craftrooms, yours looks inspiring :) Kim (from Swapbot)

  2. Your colour choice does give your workspace a nice 'pop'. Thank you for sharing these ideas and may it inspire more people to achieve their ideal working or meeting place.


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