Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY Labels!

I finally started making my own labels. There are so many methods, but I finally chose to use iron on transfer paper and ribbon or twill tape.

First, I made a sheet of labels in Keynote (PC users can use Powepoint). I added and re sized my logo to fit on the 1 inch ribbon, then copied and pasted as many times as it would fit on a sheet of paper. You must flip your logo so that it's a mirror image.

Next I cut the labels out of the transfer paper, cut strips of ribbon to size and ironed very thoroughly.

Most of them I made as pictured to fold into a loop and sew into seams, but I also made some with my logo horizontal, tucked the ends in and zigzag stitched straight onto a flat surface.

Easy-peasy and no turnover time!


  1. Very nice. I like this idea a lot. I made my own "Custom Label" bags by using iron on transfers but never thought about ribbon to make labels. Great idea!

  2. how do they hold up after washing. I make ribbon this way a lot for hair bows but I am always worried it will be ruined when it gets wet.


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