Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas with a 3 Year Old

It was so wonderful to watch Daniel at Christmastime this year! He was so interested and excited about everything.  I can't wait for next year...I think the anticipation will make it even more magical.

We have a Christmas Nativity Scene tradition that Mary and Joseph have to "walk" to the stable. They arrive on Christmas eve, and on Christmas morning baby Jesus appears along with all the gifts.  The Magi arrive on the 1st and we talk about how they didn't visit until Jesus was 2. It was my favorite tradition growing up and I loved seeing Daniel checking on everyone's progress to the stable.

We had a quiet Christmas day with just our closest family and it was wonderful to just slow down and enjoy. I got a pair of boots I've been eying up, and a massage cerificate (thanks honey!) to name a few things, and Daniel loved the drumsticks we put in his stocking.

Soon I'll post a tutorial for a simple, glittery-mess craft I made with the dayhome kids. I can't believe how messy it was!

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