Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making Class Gifts: Part 2

Finished and delivered! They couldn't have turned out any cuter. Well, unless we used glitter, but I'm not crazy.

I really wanted Daniel to be able to make most of everything, but I knew he would never get through 18 cards! So he made one and we photocopied it. So much easier, more fun and looked great!

We drew a snowman on the front, put a cute little poem (that I still have memorized from my preschool days) inside and he signed his name. Attaching the rainbow heart crayons was no easy task! I tried double sided tape, tape loops and contemplated an elaborate ribbon structure and crazy glue. But then my genius came back.

I put a tape loop on the card where I wanted the crayon to go, topped that with hot glue and pressed the crayon on. Worked like a charm! Now it won't ruin the card, and the glue will just peel off of the crayon. When all was said and done, I also decided to pop them into cellophane jewelry bags just in case the crayons came off. Better safe than swearing. Ahem, 'sorry'.

So if you need a simple class gift for your little one, go back to Part 1 and create away!


  1. Oh good - I am glad to see another mom who makes the kid do the work! I can't get over the moms who stress out about buying for all the teachers. I really think the kids should be (heavily) involved.

  2. As much as he was able! He loved breaking the crayons up!
    He drew in his teachers cards, but I did the gifts. I thought they were a little past the crayon stage and I was all out of brilliance!


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